Day Three: Uchiko to Tobe Town

Unlike every other pilgrim I meet, I’m bad at keeping track of my distances. In part because everything is tracked in kilometers, which I can’t “feel” in the same way as I can miles. And maybe also because tracking the distances requires adding up a lot of numbers on the map in my head, and I suck at adding up numbers in my head. So it wasn’t until the day started the I realized that today’s walk was really, really short.

Good in a way, of course, but a short day of walking means a lot of non-walking hours to fill. So to kill time I walked slowly, watched some birds, took some pictures.

Greetings, kind sir
Though it’s only April, it’s most definitely spring in Shikoku
Bamboo nodding gracefully atop one of Shikoku’s many tunnels
A small portion of a diorama I stumbled upon
Spent most of the day following this river

Along the route there are rest huts, constructed by locals so pilgrims have a place to rest or sleep. The first hut I encountered was a beauty, complete with shower (cold), a guest book, and hard candies. I spent some time here listening to S-Town, until I realized that it kinda looked like rain, and that I should best move on.

A delightful hut for resting/sleeping
Outdoor pilgrim shower

Around noon I stopped for lunch at another hut. At this point I hadn’t seen any other pilgrims, but as I was finishing up my first female pilgrim appeared. We chatted for a bit with my basic Japanese, and then walked the remaining 30 minutes or so together to our final destination (she’s staying at another inn down the street from mine).

I arrived at my place around two, which left me again with a few more hours to kill until dinner at five. Some surfing the internet, and more listening to S-Town.

Dinner was great, a lovely time chatting with another female henro who did a great job of using simple words so I could understand. Oh, and dinner came with a crab shell stuffed with cheese. Yum!

Warm crabmeat with cheese served in a crab shell? Yes, please!

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  1. Uncle Bob says:

    That must have been a fantastic experience! Was there a purpose to the pilgrimage? What did you do to celebrate your birthday? I am extremely impressed with your computer skills! Love you, Uncle Bob


  2. Mostly wanting to do a multi-day “physical challenge” that didn’t require carrying a heavy pack. I wrote more about it here: Why Shikoku?
    In previous posts, I’ve 1) lamented the fact that I’ve never done a “outdoorsy/physical” challenge, and 2) fessed up that I plan to hike the Shikoku …

    We went to a super-amazing sushi place in Tokyo for my birthday. Very memorable!


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