If you’d like to be Anthony Bourdain for a day …

 Want that great “wow this is delicious and seems not exactly legal” feeling? This is the place for you. Life as the host of Parts Unknown (or No Reservations) sure seems grand, doesn’t it? Travel to exotic locales, meals with engaging locals, an alcoholic haze hanging over the whole show. Someone to write your dreamy voice-overs and plan your itinerary. And maybe most of all, the sense that you’re visiting hidden kitchens, places not yet trampled by Yelpers or rabid blog-followers (I remember once dining in Paris where honest-to-god the entire restaurant was filled with people who were there because of David Lebovitz.)

Well, my friends, I give you the Dearborn Meat Market.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that feeling illegal is a bad thing. In these overly-sanitized days, finding meats and vegetables roasted over real charcoal in the back of a meat shop is a very wonderful thing.

The meal starts with some pita, some babaghannouj ….  Then grilled meat … grilled tomato … and a whole grilled onion. I’m sorry for the poor photo quality but I couldn’t stop myself from digging in.

I’m sorry that I can’t help with the drunken haze, here. But for an outstanding lunch with a feeling that you’ve been lucky to stumble upon something special …. 

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