How to pick a house color?

So … the tiny house doesn’t really look all that great from the outside. It looks like what is probably was … a garage. An aluminum-sided, peachish-pinkish, garage.   

Needless to say, this isn’t quite as romantic as, say, a cedar-shake …

One option would certainly be to rip off all the siding and hope for some nice clapboard underneath. But a) this seems like a lot of work, b) what if there’s not nice wooden siding below, c) what about the storm windows? Granted, the storm windows look lousy. But I do think they serve a rather beneficial purpose of providing extra insulation.

So my inclination is just to paint the aluminum siding. But what color?

Considering the area’s Swedish heritage and my own time in Sweden, I’m tempted to pick falu red. But I do feel like the wide areas of white with a traditional Swedish cottage are key their great sense of balance. (The clay tile roof certainly doesn’t hurt.) Maybe I could add fake-y wood shutters? 

There are definitely yellow Swedish cottages too … 

Or maybe something more subdued? 


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  1. J.B. says:

    red! fun!


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