Allen Park’s Hungarian Strudel Shop

IMG_1228Thanks to the folks at Edible Wow for tipping me off to the Hungarian Strudel Shop in Allen Park, Michigan. It seems like nothing much has changed at HSS in a long, long time. I wondered about the origins of the dancing couple on the store’s sign … an available clip art choice at the time? Someone’s custom work?

Inside, not much has changed there, either. 

Show up at 12:45 pm, and you have exactly two choices: blueberry or cherry. While not much of a cherry fan,

I picked this as the more traditional of the two options. For $7 I wasn’t sure what sort of serving size to expect. Turns out it’s about a ten-inch-long strudel. Great value for the money, but a bit difficult to eat on the go. But no matter, I could dig in while hiding in the car. My apologies for the diet Snapple.  This strudel? Outstanding. The pastry has a crunch unlike any breakfast bread I’ve experienced. Similar to a croissant in structure, but much more hefty and crispy. With sugar crystals nestled between the pastry layers. And a perfect ratio between filling and crust.

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