Hiking, Day One: Tokyo to Nakatsugawa

After a few days in Tokyo (more to come about that later, maybe), today we headed out for our first day on the hike.

First, a bullet train (shinkansen) from Tokyo to Nagoya. Lunch in Nagoya was a hit: conveyor belt sushi with an amazing automated delivery system that deposited sushi to our booth. (Perhaps I’ll upload a video of it when I’m back on WiFi). Then me freaking out for a bit about internet access on the road. And lastly a local train from Nagoya up to Nakatsugawa.

When we disembarked in Nakatsugawa we picked up a few maps at a helpful tourist information office, then walked a bit of the old streets.

We grabbed some snacks (three cheers for Koala Yummies) and began our trek on the Nakasendo, the historic route between Kyoto and Tokyo. Today’s hike was really short, only about an hour. But surprisingly hilly. Good to get some walking practice in.

Staying tonight at a cozy minshuku with a kind host who speaks surprisingly good English.

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