Hiking Japan, Take Two

Over-preparation or denial. The two options available to a timid and inexperienced hiker. The last time I hiked in Japan I went with over-preparation. This time …

Next week I’ll be hiking a section of the Nakasendo, the original route from Kyoto to Tokyo. Why this area? It’s closer to Tokyo, I guess, and easier to get to? Unlike Shikoku, it’s not a “complete route” where you can walk the whole thing. There are trains involved along sections of the train. And there’s no religious significance (that I’m aware of).

Last time I got the help of a local guesthouse to book my accommodations; this time I have enough language skills that (with the help of Google Translate) I was able to book my own lodging.

And the other big difference? This time I won’t be alone! Hiking with dear friend Megan.

And preparation? Well, I have all the same gear as last time. But intensive training … ? Um …

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  1. Envious of your adventurous spirit! Have a wonderful time!


    1. Ha, thank you! I’m don’t think I am, though…


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