The thing we still can’t talk about.

I knew talking about money would be hard. I didn’t know HOW hard. Usually people like to talk about themselves, or want exposure for their work or product. I thought maybe some folks would like to vent about their struggles. Or share what they’d learned.

My friends have agreed to talk with me (and for that, thank you, friends). But I can’t find a single non-friend to do an interview about financing a creative endeavor.

I’ve asked a fitness trainer, a stationery shop owner, a Detroit building-rehabber. A national blogger, a regional blogger, a printer, and several published authors.

Most painful was an actor who I interviewed. In addition to the hour we chatted on the phone, I spent probably … five or six hours editing down our conversation. I was proud of the story line I uncovered in what was a rather rambling conversation. But upon seeing the words in print, the interviewee decided it best that I not publish the story. At least not with a name attached.

I don’t know what approach to take. Ask fifty folks to do an interview, with the hope that one or two will agree? Switch to anonymous interviews? Find some other angle?

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