Neehee’s, or why you shouldn’t write off the suburbs

IMG_1019The suburbs. Such an easy target. The big box stores … the bland, national sameness. The traffic, the soul-crushing monotony …

OK, I will stop. Because in the surburbs, you will also find … Neehee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food. What exactly can one expect from Indian Vegetarian Street Food? Well, from their website: “Whether you crave the most flavorful chaat dishes, indo Chinese fusion, south Indian dosa, Mumbai’s sandwiches, or Delhi’s favorite chole bhature.” What, you might say? I’m sorry, Delhi’s favorite chole bhature? And is that even a complete sentence? (No.)

May I direct your attention to the craziness that is the Neehee’s menu? 35 chaat dishes. Twelve sandwiches, ten “meals,” eight kinds of pakoda. Soups, noodles, Indian Chinese. Idlys, dosas, rawa, uttapam. And nary a palak paneer to be found. 

 To order at Neehee’s, string together a combination of letters and numbers associated with words that sound appealing to you, like “spicy” or “peanuts.” This is really all the guidance I (or the menu) can offer.

I also cannot tell you how to eat the food that will arrive at your table shortly after placing your order at the counter. Take, for example, the dish pictured below. Surely the small dishes of sauce are meant for spreading on the rolled up dosa. But contents of the large bowl? Is that to be eaten with a spoon, separately? With the dosa, like a dip?

I can tell you, however, that your dish may be as large as your head, and it will be quite delicious.

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  1. Denna says:

    Personally, as soon as my kids graduate from high school, I am moving out of the suburbs…

    Hope my husband remembered to pick my suburban-raised son from his soccer practice tonight!

    ….written from the pool deck at my 9-year-old daughter’s swim practice, Beverly Hills, Michigan


  2. Where do you want to move to?


    1. Denna says:

      Midtown Detroit. I was also impressed with downtown Indianapolis or a retirement community somewhere where my main form of transportation would be a golf cart! Chicago is way too big for me!

      Waiting for my daughter to get out of the suburban Target bathroom in Troy, Michigan


  3. J.B. says:

    we need an expert to chime in to offer eating instructions!


    1. Yes! I need the same for Middle Eastern food as well.


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